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Ariterm Biomass Boilers in Scotland Ariterm Biomass Boilers in Scotland Ariterm Biomass Boilers in Scotland

Ariterm Biomass Boilers in Scotland

Energy Source UK are delighted to offer to the market Ariterm heating products! They are very efficient due to the use of a lamda probe similar to that found in your every day car.

The lamda probe monitors the quality of the air coming out of the chimney and controls the air flow into the boiler to create maximum burning of the wood. This gives the best efficiency possible of the wood being put into the boiler, and the same goes for wood pellets or any other type of combustible material.

Ariterm is of one of Scandinavian’s leading manufacturers of bio-fuel heating systems. Development and manufactured in Sweden and Finland, two countries with experience of cold and what to do about it. This guarantees that the equipment satisfies the Nordic climate. Ariterm has a century of tradition but bubbles with creativeness and the will to be in the lead in environmental, effective and functionally-safe heating techniques.

Ariterm Biomass Solutions

Ariterm Pellet Stove
Ariterm Pellet Stoves
Ariterm Pellet Boiler
Ariterm Pellet Boilers

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Energy Source UK are Ariterm Partners in Scotland. To arrange a visit or to discuss an enquiry, call us on 01383 420 515 or email us at or complete our online enquiry form.